Love is the Greatest Remedy for Fear

"The other night I was tucking my 4 year old daughter into bed, when she seemed to be deep in thought. Suddenly, out of the blue she clung to me, pleading desperately, “momma, I don’t want you to die before me!”  I’m not sure where that thought came from, but it left me with a deep pit in my stomach. I realized that her greatest fear in life was being separated from her mom and dad. At age 4-at any age- a child’s parents are his/her’s world; they are protection, love and comfort. A world without this security is one of loneliness, uncertainty and fear. 


I left my daughter’s room that night feeling a little helpless; I could not fully calm that anxious feeling I knew she had. I felt sad that she had these thoughts and these fears of abandonment and being alone. As I thought back to this conversation later that night, I realized this is what foster children must feel like. They must have these very same fears and anxieties about being alone, unloved and suddenly vulnerable. 

This is the very reason I get behind With Love, and the work they are doing partnering with foster families. By providing the necessary materials and support, they are allowing these families to put all the focus and energy into loving and caring for these children; these children whose greatest fear just became a reality.  


I don’t know how I can assure my daughter that I will always be around all her growing up years. As much as I truly hope and pray I can be there for her, the only thing I can control is how I love her in this moment. Love is the greatest remedy for fear. 

We have control in how we live in each day and how we treat and honor those in our lives. 

Be intentional.

Love deeply. 

And give selflessly, With Love."


Written by Theresa Patton