The deep satisfaction of being a with love driver

More than two years ago, a With Love board member invited me to be a delivery driver. They noted, “you like to drive around” (true). “You like to see what’s developing in the metro area” (also true). “You are committed to the youngest generation” (I do love kids). “You enjoy helping out folks in need” (oh, so very true). The invitation was flattering but it took me four months to say yes. Silly me!...


It is never easy, but
With Love makes saying
yes so much easier

It’s ten o'clock at night and I’m in the middle of getting ready for bed when we receive a call – there is an 18-month-old girl needing a place for the night, maybe more. How do you say no?

On a Tuesday, we get a call for preemie twins. They had been discharged the day before but were stuck in the hospital because there was no place for them to go. A quick call to my husband and we nervously say ok.

Then there’s a call at 7:00 p.m. about two siblings getting discharged from the hospital needing a safe place to stay. The one and two-year-old may have to get a hotel room unless we take them in. They have nowhere to go…


Our Foster Care Story
(so far…)

My husband Brandon and I have always wanted a large family, and we both agreed we would eventually adopt. That was always the plan... it’s funny how things change.

The change all started five years ago when a friend introduced me to a brand-new non-profit, With Love. A group of our friends headed over to the founder’s home and sorted through adorable kids clothing, separating them into correct sizes, and wrapping them with ribbon in cute little bundles. These bundles of clothes were heading out the door to children in foster care. I immediately fell in love with the organization and found ways to get more involved: washing laundry, leading volunteer shifts, joining the board, handing out bundles and other goodies at Foster Parent Night Out, and (my favorite) deal-hunting for brand new clothing!...


With Love Stepped
Into the Gap

While most parents have nine months to prepare for a newborn baby, our family had three hours. Our foster child—and her age—were unexpected, so, aside from a car seat, we had nothing! With Love stepped into the gap and within 48 hours, fulfilled our wish list with more than we could have imagined: a playard, baby swing, diapers and clothing that will last our little one until she is 6 months old.

As foster parents, we often struggle with asking for help because of the impermanency of our situation. With Love stands in that awkward space by providing necessities to foster children and families, filling a very tangible need in our community.

We are forever grateful for the hard work of With Love's volunteers and staff!

The Musgrove Family



Donations, whether monetary or physical supplies, enable With Love to continue supporting Portland’s foster families. We would love your support! Learn more about how you can help.



If you live in the Portland area and have a foster child between the ages of 0-6, we’re here to help. We hand-deliver items, from cribs to diapers, to eligible foster families within 30 minutes of our warehouse.