Team of volunteers working together

It takes a village to serve 70+ kids a month. We have so many people who lovingly pour their time in and effort into washing, sorting, bagging, pulling, and delivering items. Many of these people play their part, but don't know what happens next. Here is a thoughtful note from our delivery driver. She is delivering to some special needs kids and was REALLY impressed with how our 'puller' Mary prepared the items that were sent out. 

"Mary Hope did a fantastic job pulling items for these children!!  I ran into Mary when I picked up the delivery and she told me she had spoken with the foster mom the day before.  I'm not sure if this is standard or one of Mary's special touches to talk with the foster parent before selecting items to send, but it gave Mary great insight and helped her select surprisingly thoughtful and appropriate items!  


For example, Mary learned the girl could not sit but needed toys.  Mary had the idea for and found a beautiful overhead activity center that the foster mom was tickled with!  Mary also wondered if the child might need extra support so sent along a breast feeding pillow that could be used to slightly elevate the child under the activity center.  The foster mom was VERY pleased with the pillow and said it will be very helpful!  The foster mom also noted the hole in the center of the pad and said this will be good for "tummy time" too, as the trach can slip down in the empty space and not have pressure applied.


How wonderful Mary was to open her heart and mind so wide and do such a fantastic job!  I was sure pleased to see Mary was selected as Volunteer of the Month!  She also has my vote for Volunteer of the Year!


The little boy was excited to open the bag of all his clothes and he excitedly called out each item, put on a shirt, commented on how nice things looked and felt, how his teacher would be happy to see he now has a winter coat, how he wanted to wear this new bathing suit next time they went swimming, etc.!  He giggled as he pulled out all the books and toys, tested many toys.


The foster mom appeared quite surprised and extremely pleased with all that was also sent for the girl.  She noted that her request for clothing that would not be hot was so well honored.  She commented positively on the clothes' styles, colors, quantities.  Very gauzy light weight blankets were a big hit too; she said they are expensive but that the girl uses them daily when she sleeps.  


How wonderful for me to meet this family, see the help and joy the With Love delivery brought them!"

- CeCe

Delivery driver and former foster parent 

With Love, is able to serve so many precious children because people in our community say 'yes' to serving. We are so thankful for people like Mary and CeCe who show up weekly to support kids in foster care.

-Allie Roth