A New Home: A New Chapter

About once a month or so I’ll have a vivid dream about a house.


It is usually a house I’m familiar with; although in the dream I always discover a secret room tucked away in the back.

Upon opening the door, this new room is magnificent and it adds a lot to the home.

I can picture the room in my mind right now as I write.

It’s carpeted and furnished.

Stairs lead me down to it; I look upon it from an elevated view. 

Upon this realization of a new room, I am always excited and grateful.

I also have a sense that I knew all along this room belonged, yet somehow it was tucked away and missed until this very moment.

It feels more like home than any other room in my house. 


July 24, 2019 was the Open House for With Love’s new space. 

In my mind, it is more than a space; it is home. 

When I walked into With Love that beautiful July evening, that same sense of awe overcame me; it was that same feeling I experienced in my dreams.

 It was a familiar feeling. 

This is how it was always supposed to be.


This space exuded warmth, dignity and comfort.

I felt invited. 

I felt honored. 

I felt right at home. 


It embodies all the values of With Love. 




It is a place for gathering and supporting; a place for foster families and children and volunteers.


There are wooden floors, paneled walls, and clean, organized shelves. 


There are rooms for every purpose: an office, a meeting room and even a space for small children to play while parents volunteer, making this experience accessible for all. 


My own little boys ran behind the tall shelves of toys. When I went to find them, I could hear them talking about their allowance money, strategizing how they were going to have enough money to buy some of these enticing  toys all around them. 


When I explained that they weren’t for sale and that we were not in a toy store, they looked at me a bit perplexed. “But these toys are all brand new!” 

They were absolutely correct in their observations; those toys were brand new, not second hand toss aways. The term Donations usually bring to mind piles of broken, worn or faded items. 

These toys were ones that my children would unwrap at a birthday party.

Near the area of toys were several shelves of neatly folded colorful blankets. 


They were soft and bright. 

There was a pattern and a theme for every child.

 I learned that there is a woman who comes faithfully every month and donates about 50 blankets she hand makes herself. 

What a beautiful testimony of love. This is what it’s all about though: community. With Love has always drawn so much community support; people want to contribute and be a part of the threads of change. 

People come with different hobbies, talents, interests and connections; they come to donate and supply. 

There is a place for everyone.

It’s a beautiful tapestry. 


Walking in the doors I immediately felt this passion when I was greeted by the three summer interns. I could tell they loved what they do and their energy was contagious. They shared the excitement of this transition, inviting me in as if it were their personal new home. 

Welcome Home With Love! This couldn’t be more perfect.


Perplexed by my reoccurring dream about my new room in my house,  I decided to do some research, to uncover whether there was any deeper meaning attached to it.

Upon investigation, I learned that a house in a dream usually represents The Self.

A discovery of a new room represents A New Horizon.

However, a discovery of a familiar room symbolizes an unveiling of something that was always meant to be.

Perhaps my dreams are for my personal growth and future; however, my feelings this night were similar and I couldn’t help but imagine that this new space was the beginning of a new chapter for With Love; this was a new space that was going to grow along with everything already ahead on the horizon.


Some pictures of the Grand Opening

By Tammy Biles