With Love, is a very accessible place to volunteer; there are tasks designed for all ages and abilities, taking special consideration for busy stay-at-home parents, families with young children, small groups and those who want to make a difference through small gestures. Perhaps what is truly unique about With Love, is it's equally a community of helping as well as a community of healing. Many volunteers dedicate their time and service to memorialize a loss of their own.

Healing begins with commemorating. Commemorating begins with honoring. Choosing to channel grief and love in ways that serve and make the world a little brighter is truly honoring. Many people serve because they value making our city more welcoming to its inhabitants. Rather than just telling their children to care about those in need, they are actually showing them how to love.

With Love, is meant to be a statement. A dedication. People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons; but in the end, everyone is here because they care and believe that they can help make a difference.

Below are a few ways to get involved. 

  • Washing clothes at home is a convenient way to volunteer on your own time. It's a great thing to do with little kids, and gives you freedom to do it as your schedule permits.
  • Inspecting clothes is essential when it comes to giving children in foster care the best items. This task involves looking through donations and making sure they meet our guidelines for safety and quality.
  • Sorting and bundling clothes based on size, type, condition and season helps prepare them to be given away and helps us keep an accurate inventory of lendable goods. The bundles of clothing are then ready to be given to children in foster care.

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