It is the quiet, unrecognized heroes in the world who eradicate injustice. Foster parents embrace this high calling and are heroes to hundreds of children and their community. Sacrificing unconditionally, caring ceaselessly and loving abundantly, they often live this out alone, without the honor and support they surely deserve and need.

With Love, they feed; With love, they clothe; With Love, they care; With Love.

With Love, is a not-for-profit, foster care resource providing for many of the physical needs that come with caring for children. Additionally, the goal is to promote an aura of dignity and honor to those who embrace local children in need of a family. It runs on volunteers and generosity. It is fueled by love.

This is a place where families, stay-at-home parents, and children can contribute time and energy. It is a place of healing, remembering, and honoring perhaps a loss of their own. It is a community, giving back to a community.

With dignity. With honor. With delight. With Love.

The world can be a better place. With love, the world will be a better place.

At With Love, we are ordinary people who are inspired by those who generously open their homes to foster children. We believe that raising a child takes a village of loving and caring people. Our goal is to support families willing to be part of the solution to foster families in the Portland-metro area. The items available for distribution are donated from families in the community who also want to honor and care for foster families. All financial donations go towards helping create a program that loves and supports our foster families. With Love, is here to walk along side foster families as they change lives.